Dj Skento aka SKNT, born in 1984 (Carbonia, Sardinia), is been
active in music business from the mid-’90s. His artistic path starts
with black music, showing a marked preference for hip hop,
reggae, funk, soul and r’n’b. In 1998 he begins his career working
under the name of DJ Skento at many clubs in South Sardinia.

He makes a name for himself playing together with both italian
and international artists all around Sardinia and starting new
projects such as Rising Rockaz and later Bashment Hero Sound
System: these experiences allow him to widen his knowledge,
bringing an inevitable influence in his sensitivity as a listener and
in his style as a musician.

After an accurate study and research for a unique style that
gradually keeps on improving itself, he enters a new phase in
2012 when he decides to move to Sassari in North Sardinia.

In Sassari DJ Skento turns into SKNT: the new heterogeneous and
eclectic environment inspires him to become a producer, even if
he continues to play as a DJ. Past and present find a meeting
point as his black music background blends in with electronic
music: a new project has come to life.
In 2016 SKNT produces his very first trax “Inner Power” for the
album “THANKS 1984”, that brings to mind the “Vapor Wave”
scene, with the usual black sounds that homage his origins.

SKNT doesn’t like to be labeled, but if expressly asked, he tends
to define his musical genre as Groovy, term that includes in its
meaning all his influences, from black music to disco music, funk,
house, mediterranean groove and garage.
Currently SKNT is involved in many different projects, such as the
most important ones 45 BOYS, WHAT THA BOUNCE and
BEHIND THE STORE; moreover, he is at the forefront of
organizing music festival and other events throughout Sardinia.